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ASC Interactive Solutions:

ASC Interactive Solutions services also consist of hosting options for our online promotions. This server currently hosts over 750 unique websites, and has 24/7/365 server monitoring coverage. We offer shared hosing, virtual dedicated servers, and dedicated servers in our business grade data center. Advantages of hosting with us are listed below.

Security Firewall(s)

A Cisco PIX security firewall solution is on all external entrance points to the network. Port access is restricted across all network address, providing protection against almost any attack by a hacker while still allowing the legal web and related traffic to pass. This firewall is implemented on all routers connected to our LAN, protecting the entire network.

Intrusion Detection

The firewall is also equipped with a feature set that protects against malicious traffic patterns. Some common patterns that are seen would be attacks like Ping of Death, DOS attacks and many others that often cripple service providers and other networks. Any time an attack such as this is detected, an alarm is sent to notify the network administrator and that connection is terminated or the data is dropped. This all happens at the distribution layer that means that this attack is dealt with before it ever enters the network thus allowing for total protection of the server.

24/7 Server monitoring

All network points are monitored every minute of every day with both internal and external servers dedicated to monitoring the health of the network and multiple methods of outbound notification are installed in the event of any health issues. There are always a minimum of 2 people on call at any time, and are automatically notified in the event of any occurrences to insure fast response.


Each managed server is on a strict backup schedule and utilizes a SDLT high-speed, high capacity backup server to perform full weekly and daily incremental backups of our entire network. This is critical to the rapid recovery of any hardware failure.

OS Upgrades and patches

It is necessary to keep software up to date to defend against malicious activity and all the latest updates and patches that exist are on the network. Enrollment with Microsoft's Security Announcement Center sends notification on when new software or updates are available.

Power Redundancy

In the case of a power failure, the data center is protected 24/7/365 by a Data Center grade active UPS system that outputs a perfect sine-wave voltage, coupled to a standby diesel generator that has been oversized by a factor of five. This solution is tested on a regular basis and insures 100% uptime even in the event of a power failure, regardless of duration.

Tools and Reporting

Monthly traffic reports can be provided for all hosting clients that include traffic information, referrer information, and other site statistics. They can be viewed online in real time and through a portal.


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