Why run a Sweepstakes promotion?

Sweepstakes can help create awareness and excitement around a brand or company and help to reach the desired objectives by acting as an overlay to an integrated program or by itself. Proper DreamSweepstakes administration can begin with the sponsor’s sales force and continue through the entire trade and distribution pipeline, right on to the ultimate consumer or end-user. An effective DreamSweepstakes will not only offer the chance to win great prizes, but also work on building the brand. Here are the top benefits in running a Sweepstakes:

Top benefits in running a DreamSweepstakes:


Sweepstakes are used to drive traffic to a physical retail location and/or to a website.

Online entry is now the #1 way that participants enter Sweepstakes.


One of the most effective means of gathering customer/user database information are Sweepstakes.

This can also be used to start an ongoing dialog with this key audience.


Sweepstakes have the benefit of being “Fixed budget”. Prizes are determined up front and sponsors don’t have to worry about going over budget. Other promotional tactics such as premiums, coupons and rebates are more open-ended.


Themed Sweepstakes and prizes often are developed to reinforce and build the sponsor’s brand and/or the product/service's features and benefits. Prizes that leverage an existing sponsorship, such as sporting event tickets, help build the brand and deliver prizes that the average consumer can buy on their own.


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