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Developing and implementing strategic, impactful promotional marketing communication solutions that achieve measurable results has been and continues to be the focus of both of Gene’s professions.

With more than 25 years of business-building experience, Gene collaborates with clients to develop exceptional promotional programs with precisely the services that they need through outstanding expertise, exceptional quality and innovative cost-effective vehicles.

Gene is the CEO and President of DreamSweepstakes and Promotion Company overseeing much of the operations of the company and keeping abreast on what’s happening in promotional law.

Prior to Gene's founding of the DreamSweepstakes Company in 2001, he directed two PROMO 100 promotional marketing agencies for over 25 years. Gene is a hands-on proven executive with a wide range of sales promotion experience. During that time Gene directed accounts that included Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, R.T. French, Owens Corning, Rich Products, and Xerox. Gene also oversaw the operations of a separate business unit within the agency that specialized in sweepstakes and games while developing an expanded line of interactive promotional marketing tools. One new, innovative tool was Promo CD; a partnership with Eastman Kodak Company which enabled customized CD’s to be used as a one-to-one marketing vehicle. This unique product delivered customized marketing solutions for major brands such as Honda Motors, and Chevrolet Corporation.

"In addition, Gene as was part of the Kodak Wal-Mart team. This experience has given him the knowledge to deliver programs that build the brand and increase sales as well as achieve the objectives of the retailer/consumer. An example of this was Gene's highly successful Veteran’s Day promotion which increased sales and usage of the Kodak Picture Maker while instilling a sense of patriotism and pride in both Wal-Mart shoppers and associates. This ongoing promotion has run for the past seven years in Wal-Mart stores and also received a PRO Award for Best of Show in the account-specific category. "


By Don D’Amico, Vice President | Business Development

Analysis, solution implementation and results were the cornerstone of Don’s 20 year corporate career at Eastman Kodak Company and Rochester Telephone Corporation. Don is an MBA graduate of the Simon School (Information Systems / Operations Management) and has a BA (Mathematics/Statistics) from the University of Rochester.

During his career, Mr. D’Amico has worked as a Business Office Manager, Corporate Accounting Manager, Corporate Auditor, Planning Manager, SAP Design and Implementation Manager, and Information System Manager. These assignments, coupled with project managment and contract administration, have provided a wide range of business experiences that allow Don to be totally familiar with client problems, and most importantly, how to exceed client expectations.

Don is a customer-first individual. Past endeavors have included: a) the development/implementation of a Business Office software solution to provide forecasting and employee performance Ticket which increased customer satisfaction by 15% and reduced total expenditures by 8%, b) the design and implementation of a process to reduce warehouse handling errors, elimination of non-essential labor and increased customer delivery accuracy.

Don is a project manager who achieves results. When a batch system delayed the initiation of warehouse operations, Don completed detailed analysis and provided a solution which reduced the batch run by 50%. The tool designed to provide continuous improvement was subsequently used in the next release of the vendor’s scheduling software.

"The diverse work background, information system skills and organizational management, have been a great fit at the DreamSweepstakes and Promotional Company. Clients appreciate Don’s business understanding, attention to detail, integrity and high quality work in the establishment of successful promotions and achievement of their desired goals. "

Don D’Amico, Vice President | Business Development


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